About This Blog

Hello, my fellow writers and artisans!
As mentioned in the description, this is a Writing/Lifestyle blog. Here, I explore all things literary  and the different aspects to the life of a writer. How do we put our passions into practice?

I hope to help you recognize potential, improve writing, and live as an artist. I am still making these improvements and learning as well. (Lots of these posts are inspired by a lot of hot chocolate, writer's block and frequent headbanging).

What to Expect
- Tips on writing
-Balancing a healthy writing lifestyle
-Presenting literary ideas and opinions
-Occasional book reviews

I plan to present to you all my accumulated tips and advice and occasional opinions, and I hope that someday they might add up to something.

(Nerd Quirk: The name "Hollingsworth" is actually an old Anglo-Saxon name that means 'by the holly bush." I chose it based on the Celtic symbolism of the holly plant: it means to live with dignity and honor even in the face of adversity or challenge). 


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