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Letting Projects Go

As a writer, I can truly say that one thing I hate doing most of all is letting go of projects I've held onto for a while--even if they can technically be considered 'dead' projects. Even if I haven't touched them in a few months. It's hard, man. 
I think I speak for the majority of creative writers when I say I don't like letting go of things. But today I'm gonna talk about how and why letting go can become necessary.

Why It's Hard to Let Go
(So so many reasons. )

-You become attached to the characters

-You are truly in love with many aspects of the story

-You may have some vague wish to revive it

-You've been working on it for so long and have spent so much time/creativity/etc on it

-You might feel like a failure if you don't go through with the project

-You feel pressured from other people (maybe friends/early audience) to finish and carry through even if the project is NOT going the way you want it too and bringing you daily pain


Tips on Writing Romance

So. Romance.To be honest, this is not my strong point. However, I got quite a few requests from people to put up a post like this. So these are just going to be my raw thoughts on fictional romances.
*This was a commissioned post* 

I've never had a particular affinity to writing them, and I sort of despise romance novels. Writing friendships? Oooh yeah, nailed it. Magic? Yes. Gore? HECK YES. But.....romance. Igh. 
However, when I get the luxury of reading a well-written fictional romance...Let the squealing begin.

The gist is, it's not easy to nail. Not in fiction, not in film and definitely not in real life. But here are some tips that will hopefully point you on the right track. 

(* do not's: 1-6, do's: 7-12*) 

1. DO NOT: THE DOORMAT: It doesn't really make for a good romance. Either person being a doormat isn't necessarily 'cute' or 'sweet' or anything. It turns into something where the doormat person is a wimp who doesn't have enough guts…