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10 Things You Should Not Rely on During the Writing Process

We all know that writing is tough. Transferring words from your brain to your computer screen or notebook is the most difficult short distance travel probably ever. However, there are a few things that writers should NOT rely on.

Hello, friends! Today we're going to talk negative: things you should NOT rely on during the writing process. Things that become crutches to your creativity. 
1. CHARACTER BANKS. NO. Absolutely 100% no. I've often used a name generator when I couldn't come up with a name, and that's fine. But character banks are like underdeveloped names and characteristics thrown together and pulled out of a recycling bin. I believe that authentic and unique characters are really essential to a story and character banks just don't deliver that.

2. INSPIRATION. Ya'll should know how I feel about this one! :) Inspiration is absolutely amazing! However, it IS sporadic and relying on inspiration alone will ultimately in writer's block instead of in a nov…