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Essaying: the Process

As you can tell from the title, this is not so much about creative writing as it is about academic. However, even creative writers have staggered under the crushing, academic blows dealt by thesis papers and the villainous professors that assign them. But as the school year drags on (whether in high school or college), hot chocolate highs increase and eight-page papers catch us at the last minute like frightful undertows on Pacific shorelines.

So! How on earth do we nail these papers start to finish, stay sane and maintain some sort of life outside of the library and three hour naps on the couch?

Step One: Look ahead. For me at least, my biggest issue is letting the paper catch me by surprise. One week you're innocently sleeping-I mean sitting- through a lecture and then the next...BAM! Yup. There's an eight-page essay due. This can be avoided if we plan ahead. Why are syllabi important? Well, they're great to doodle on during the first day of class...No! We need to FIND TH…

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