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Letting Projects Go

As a writer, I can truly say that one thing I hate doing most of all is letting go of projects I've held onto for a while--even if they can technically be considered 'dead' projects. Even if I haven't touched them in a few months. It's hard, man. 
I think I speak for the majority of creative writers when I say I don't like letting go of things. But today I'm gonna talk about how and why letting go can become necessary.

Why It's Hard to Let Go
(So so many reasons. )

-You become attached to the characters

-You are truly in love with many aspects of the story

-You may have some vague wish to revive it

-You've been working on it for so long and have spent so much time/creativity/etc on it

-You might feel like a failure if you don't go through with the project

-You feel pressured from other people (maybe friends/early audience) to finish and carry through even if the project is NOT going the way you want it too and bringing you daily pain


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