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Dissociation with Writing

Hey guys. It's been awhile. Today I wanted to talk about something that I've been having some issues with lately. Maybe you can relate? This is dissociation with writing. I'm afraid I don't have any current tips on how to beat this, because I am still working through it myself. 
So, in the sense that I'm using, dissociation with writing is kind of a distancing of yourself from the craft. 
-You don't write in a long time, maybe you purposely avoid it.
- Maybe you set writing aside for a little bit meaning to come back and never do.
- Maybe it will even begin to feel like this craft isn't yours anymore. 

Here was my process: 
-Write write write write write
-Shelve a project
-Mean to come back to writing
-Don't write in months
-Subconsciously avoids writing
-Sits down and tries to write but nothing happens
-Doubts begin to creep in despite the passion for the craft

Sound familiar? 

Sometimes it is necessary to take a step back from a craft even if you a…

Character Profile: Nikos

YEEEEE. Ok. Gotta tone it down a bit. (yeeeeeeeeee....) Here it is everyone! My first article relating to my novel, In Defense of Thieves. As you can pro'lly tell by the title, this is Nikos' Character Profile.
(Also, I'll get a more interesting background picture eventually. I've just gotta pull out some inking pens and get a picture set for him).
This will not be too lengthy, I promise. ;) 
(Note: All of the things included will not be included in the novel. Some things included are just extra tidbits to help lay groundwork for this character. Author's rule: Whatever you write, know 50% more. I go over basic stats and appearance/skills/personality/basic background and a short bio summary). 

Basic Stats 
Name: Nikos 
Sex: Male  Race: Human 
Role: Main Character
Hair color: black
Eye color: brown 
Skin tone: a little tanned 
Age: Unspecified. Between seventeen and twenty. 

Average height but shorter than lots of other men (is able to take longer strides nonetheles…

February Short Story

There have always been certain implications for certain types of weather.
Evander Stinton knew them all. Sunny days were optimistic. Fog meant mystery to be uncovered and a red moon meant a murder.
But despite all his acquired knowledge of weather lore, Evander had never been able to accurately predict mid-spring storms. He stood under the narrow grey awning over the bookshop in the corner, rain running down his collar.

He had hoped that standing under the awning might give him some meager protection from the onslaught of rain, but the wind was against him. It blew raindrops under the awning, across his chest and into his eyes.

The streets were seemingly deserted, except for the occasional cab--and rightly so.

"Seems I'm the only dimwit stuck out in this squall," he muttered, peering out from under the awning.

He took the opportunity to look down at the paper in his hands, now crinkled and watermarked.

"Grey Tatra 97. Dent on the left mirror. Could be any damn scoun…

Book Recommendations from January and February

Ah yes, my literary dragons! The time has come for Dalriana to spew out a long list of books that you have to read right now no it's not buts no maybes. Here are some book recommendations (in no particular order) from January and February.

We'll dive right in, shall we?

1. The Chronicles of Prydian by Lloyd Alexander 
Genre: Fantasy 
The books are set in the fantasy land, Prydian, which is based off of Medieval Wales. All the names are also welsh-inspired. The first book was harder to get through then the other ones. At first, I didn't like the main character, Taran, but after you become acclimated to the story, they're very enjoyable! There are five books in the series and I enjoyed them all immensely.

2. The Silver Spoon by Hiromu Arakawa 
Manga Comic 
This comic follows Hachiken, who is just beginning a year in a dairy program. It's widely about his hilarious experiences on this enormous college for farming. It sounds boring, but trust me, it's hilarious. It offe…

Introducing My NEW STORY

Heylo my literary dragons! (Should this nickname become a thing? I'm bordering on affirmative...). I know its been a hot...uhm...minute since I last existed on this blog. But contrary to unpopular belief I am still alive and kicking. AND on top of that, I've got a NEW STORY.

I'll be giving a small introduction to it in this post. But here's a precursor (feel free to skip if bored):

I probably will not be posting consecutive chapters here on this blog. I may occasionally share exerts that I would a) like especial feedback on or b) am extraordinarily confident in. Most forthcoming posts that have to do with this project will be concerned with delving into the world and the story. WORLDBUILDING WHATNOT GALORE. You can expect interesting posts as I flesh out the culture, work out traditions, and all sorts of super fun detailed stuff including posts with special backstory-ish stuff on some of the characters. I would, however, absolutely appreciate any and all feedback I can g…

Something New Coming

Hello all my faithful, little dragons! (That was weird...anyhow...) 2019 is just around the corner, and I've decided to be cheesy, fit the new year mood, and discuss something I've been thinking of lately. Basically, expanding this forum. 
Although this blog has only existed since February (or was it August? Big time gap, I know...) I think Hollingsworth has become a little...erm, stagnant for me. 
A few reasons why: 
For one, I haven't written anything myself for nearly a year. I had a story I'd been working on for years. I probably overworked it; it felt bony and raw and I set it aside with every intention of coming back to it. Well...we all know how that went down. It's basically dead now, and I can't see myself coming back to it unless I revamp everything (which I do have some small, fugitive hopes of doing). 
Secondly, but no less important, I don't want to only be a source of advice. I do love giving advice and editing other people's work, but there ar…

Tips on Torture

I'm not sure how to say this without sounding real creepy, but...I like torture. Of course, I know that in real life, torturing is a very awful, cowardly act, but in fiction...I have no excuses. It's just awesome. 

Part of the reason tortures are so great (in any way shape or form--some sort of extremely challenging conflict) is because they test all the good qualities in a character. 

Strength, passion, morals, you name it. 

When the character goes through some sort of torture, all of this is put to the test. Their grit and all they care for. Hitting rock bottom and breaching the breaking point just proves how far a hero is willing to go or how much they are willing to sacrifice.  


(do not's: 1-4, do's: 1-5)

Do Not: 

1. PROLONGED: I enjoy suffering as much as the But what gets annoying is when the torture scene is too long or the description is too extensive. And likewise, I also get irked when a character gets tortured too many times i…